Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thinking about fiberglass

I've been sitting at my desk this afternoon thinking about fiberglass when I should be thinking about my job and editing epidemiology articles. Somehow fiberglass fish are pushing biostatistical jargon to the cliched backburner. Not to mention fiberglass Indians. Fiberglass muffler men. Fiberglass buffalo. Fiberglass Happy Chefs. Fiberglass, big and small and in all sorts of strange configurations.

And why am I thinking about fiberglass? Because I want an excuse to attend the Society for Commercial Archeology meeting scheduled for October in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That means submitting a paper proposal -- and so I'm thinking about fiberglass and a follow-up to the paper I gave in Seattle on Rocket Science and Muffler Men. I've got the graphics -- now all I need are the words. I've got the start of a catchy and alliterative title -- "Hodags, Happy Chefs, and Hiawatha: something semi-profound" -- so maybe by the end of the day I'll have the rest of it.

The Happy Chef pictured is located on the outskirts of Mankato, Minnesota, on US-169 north of US-14.

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  1. Damn! Is it any wonder we hit it off so well?

    I've been fascinated by fiberglass roadside sculpture for ages. Had kicked around the idea of doing a paper on the topic from a cultural geography perspective, but have not done enough fieldwork. Need to make some more trips to the Dells, for one thing.


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