Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Obesity epidemic, again

Still thinking the only reason kids are getting fatter is they're lazy and eating junk food?  The New York Times had an interesting article today that kind of debunks that theory:
Young children and adolescents who take the newest generation of antipsychotic medications risk rapid weight gain and metabolic changes that could lead to diabetes, hypertension and other illnesses, according the biggest study yet of first-time users of the drugs.

The study, to be published Wednesday (today) in The Journal of the American Medical Association, found that 257 young children and adolescents in New York City and on Long Island added 8 to 15 percent to their weight after taking the pills for less than 12 weeks.
Considering the way Big Pharma keeps pushing drugs like Abilify and suckering parents and other adults into controlling kids through medication, I don't find it particularly surprising childhood and adolescent obesity are becoming more common.  What is particularly disheartening is that the medications apparently also lead to changes in lipid levels (aka cholesterol), and once lipid levels are elevated it can be hard to get them to come back down to a healthy range even if a person loses weight.

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