Thursday, July 8, 2010

Race to the redneck bottom

I'm at home today, happily playing hooky from work, but made the mistake of leaving the television on a little too long.  Every commercial break is solid political ads, several minutes of Georgia's politicians on parade. It is an election year, the primaries are now less than two weeks away, and the Republican candidates appear to have decided the winning strategy is to appeal the dumbest, most racist segment among registered Republicans.

In the past ten minutes, I've heard Republicans promise to round up illegal aliens, eliminate all taxes (which are high because of illegal aliens), improve the crumbing infrastructure (which is crumbling because of illegal aliens) (and, after all, we all know you can get something for nothing, so the candidates all promise to reduce state revenues while spending more money), and to fight the implementation of the dreaded Obamacare (which was created solely to pander to illegal aliens).  Some of the ads are so jaw-droppingly stupid it's hard to believe the candidates are able to spout this bilge with a straight face.  Definitely a race to the bottom when the candidates seem to all believe that the way to win is to come up with the ads that demonize Mexicans and/or liberals the most. One guy's big selling point is that he fought the ACLU in a court case, which he apparently lost, because there's no mention of beating the ACLU in court, and for sure he'd be crowing about that if he had won. In short, he wants us to vote for him because he was dumb enough to waste time and money on a lost cause.  Interesting strategy:  "Vote for me; I'm even dumber than you."  Unfortunately, given the current depths of sheer stupidity flowing through the populace in this state, come November, one of that crop of yahoos is likely to prevail in the general election.

Haven't noticed many ads for Democrats, other than for Roy Barnes, the former governor who wants his old job back.  Barnes has an interesting ad out stating pretty bluntly that the Republicans have turned Georgia into a national joke.  Think he's in the frontrunner in the primary. I wish him luck in November, but I'm not optimistic.


  1. Pass the sick bag, Alice. I can't stomach those ads.

  2. We have Meg Whitman spending her millions rewriting California history in all her ads here. Of course, no one in the media is bothering to call her on it. Sigh.


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