Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Once again, someone's said it better than I can

Great post over at Whiskey Fire:
Yes, wingnut rhetoric is dangerous and irresponsible and loony.

But worrying about whether or not wingnut rhetoric is responsible for the Tucson nutjob, well, that's like worrying about shutting the barn door after the horse has been shot and fucked and sold for glue.
Go read the rest.


  1. The following is a comment I left on another blog.

    Most folks don't know what "blood libel" is, I had to look it up myself, stands to reason that a crazy christian like her would though.

    It's nuts of her to say that only the wacko is solely responsible for his actions, peoples reasoning and reactions come from collecting things from all over, including from the politicians and political news media, it's all connected.

    Of course they want to distance themselves from any responsibility for any of it, "Hey, nothing we said help trigger any of that."

    Yeah, right. Most of us do hate our government, and for good reason, but most of us don't go killing others because of it.

    Current events was brought to you by the Creatorofshit. Stand by for more shit happening.


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