Friday, May 6, 2011

Already burnt out

This bumper sticker was in the mail yesterday, along with the usual "please send money" letter.

The general election is 18 months away. Eighteen months! If I'm sick of hearing about it already and I used to be kind of a political junkie, how thoroughly turned off is the average voter going to be?

You know what really annoys me? Everything that happens, no matter how momentous or trivial, gets passed through the media filter of "will this help or hurt [insert candidate's name here] get elected?" Whacking bin Ladn is the latest event to be parsed solely in terms of "what's the effect going to be on the general election?," but it's hardly unique. And it started, I swear, about 2 seconds after the votes were counted after the last election. Apparently no one runs for office these days with any intention of actually governing -- they all run for office so they can run for office ad infinitum. The campaigning and the spinning never stops.

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