Thursday, June 9, 2011

A first

Viagra spam. In my many years of wandering around cyberspace using various networks and user IDs, from my first experiences way back in the 1980s until now I'd never received any spam pushing either porn or male enhancement products. I felt so slighted. Everyone else bitched about porn infiltrating their In Box, and it never happened to me. Well, it only took 23 years for adult product spammers to find me, but as of this week, the long drought has ended.


  1. I get so damn many I figure Tanya must be complaining on the internet.
    If I bought all the different products and they actually worked, I could paint it black, throw it over my shoulder and go to a Halloween party as a gas pump.

  2. Hahahaha

    Actually, I have gotten very little of that over the years also, did for about a year but I guess they figured out that I don't need it.

    Wouldn't need it even if I had a mate.

    Stand with Wisconsin? Why? I would think that you would prefer that most of them leave so you have more of it to yourself.

  3. They do seem to come in waves. Hope you are enhjoying being one of the "in crowd" now.


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