Friday, June 29, 2012

Death might be feeling a little bummed out, but insurance companies must be rejoicing. They've just been guaranteed a shitload of new customers. One of the more amusing aspects of the entire "Obamacare" kerfuffle has been the way the tinfoil hat types (including the pundits on Faux News) have bloviated about the insurance mandate as being a government program and rampant socialism when it is the opposite -- it's a huge giveaway to private insurance companies. For me, one of life's little mysteries has been the way the Repugnicans as a party allowed their distaste for President Obama to overrule their usual love for anything that's good for big business and corporate interests -- and the Affordable Care Act certainly qualifies as something the corporatists should have loved.

Personally, I would have loved to have seen the ACA nullified so that maybe, just maybe, it would have been possible to get a single payer system in this country in my lifetime, but it looks like we're SOL on that fantasy for awhile.


  1. Agree totally, Nan. Americans are farkled big time. It will be forever before you get a rational single-payer health care system that negotiates with big pharma and cuts the for-profit insurance companies out of the system.
    But you are slightly better off than before, so I guess some rejoicing is allowed.

  2. While you're explaining fantasies, why not explain how non-wealthy and non-whites would vote for Romney and the rest of the Repug gang?

  3. Why in the hell is everyone afraid to die?

  4. The fact that what the GOP says rarely makes sense doesn't seem to matter to anyone. I wish the mainstream media spent some time and energy reporting the way Rachel Maddow does. It might make a difference.


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