Monday, July 30, 2012

Be true to your school?

Okay, I've gotten semi-used to the idea that you can customize just about anything. I was even sort of enthusiastic about the notion of a Virginia Tech garden gnome. But stilettos? Especially stilettos in the rather hideous school colors of burnt orange and maroon? Much as I like saying I got a couple of my degrees from VPI, I've got to wonder about anyone who would actually wear these.


  1. My undergrad college mascot is a beaver. The young women at college run around with Beaver Power tee-shirts, at at the gym I see girls wearing shirts that state Everybody Loves a Healthy Beaver.

    I love my school
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. I can imagine working girls wearing these beauties, especially during after hours homecoming festivities and maybe at frat alumni house parties. Tips should be better than average.

  3. In Inuvik, you can buy University of Tuktoyaktuk t-shirts: Tuk U


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