Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tragic accident in North Carolina

According to an article in the AJC:

GASTONIA, N.C. — Authorities say a car smashed into a tractor-trailer hauling tons of beer on a North Carolina interstate, spilling suds all over the highway.
Police say crews spent more than five hours Friday night cleaning up the mess on Interstate 85 near Gastonia, some 20 miles west of Charlotte. The rig was carrying nearly 43,000 pounds of beer.
J.R. Smith is with Gaston County Police. He says no one suffered any serious injuries other than scrapes and bruises.
The shipping company says the beer will go to the dump. Insurance will cover the cost.
Police say the car's driver was cited for driving unsafe for the road conditions.
The wreck caused major traffic delays.


  1. Be thankful it wasn't a gas tanker or the price of gas would go up again.

    BTW, there's an endless supply of beer in heaven and it's free.

  2. Beer in Heaven? Sounds much better than virgins.


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