Monday, September 10, 2012


I've been neglecting this blog lately. Too many distractions at this time of year and I'm not talking about politics. Our garden's done reasonably well so I've been kept busy canning and freezing produce and trying out new pickle, relish, and jam recipes. It's been an unusual Fall (which matches the unusual Spring, I guess) in that it's staying warm later than usual. No frost yet, and in past years we could count on a hard frost right around Labor Day. The good news aspect of that is it means we've actually been able to enjoy a few vine-ripened tomatoes this year -- usually we end up picking them all green and letting them ripen in the house. The bad news perspective is that I'm starting to get really nervous. We're being lulled into a false sense that summer's going to last forever, and then winter is going to arrive with not much autumn weather in between. The potted plant on the front porch should not still be lush and green -- it's a potato plant. It's September. It's supposed to know it's time to wither and die. (That plant is the answer to the question "What do you do when you're planting the garden, get to the end of the last row of potatoes, and have one seed potato left over?") One of these days we'll go to bed thinking it's still summer and wake up to six inches of snow on the ground.


  1. Welcome to global warming cuz there's to many of us and we're fucking up the planet so much. Actually, I should global weather chaos cuz we don't know what will hit us next.

    I actually got a few tomatoes this year, now that plant is looking so bad I should just kill it.

  2. We got vine ripe tomatoes for the last three weeks here in Northern Maine for the first time. First frost last night.
    Looking forward to fall. I agree with you: summer has been to fine so we are due this winter - got my firewood in and oil tank filled, now need to pm the snowblower.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. It was 97 here toay. I can't imagine frost until January or February.

  4. It was 97 here today. No frost for months to come.

  5. Our garden was cleaned off and spaded over while we were in Turkey on holidays. We had rain and warm weather here while we were away and Tanya's flowers went nuts. I need to post pictures. Her crocus bulbs were up and the irises started growing again.


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