Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ennui, apathy, or lack of inspiration?

The Younger Daughter mentioned last night that I didn't seem to do much blogging lately. No kidding. I'm not sure why. I have moments when I think "That would make a good blog post," but by the time I get to the computer, the idea has passed. Maybe it's retirement -- back when I worked for Large Nameless Agency (aka the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), LNA provided examples of bureaucratic ineptitude for me to rant about on practically a daily basis. Ditto some of my idiot co-workers. Now I'm retired -- what can I bitch about? The S.O.? I don't think so. He has his annoying moments, but don't we all? The economy? Yes, it's still a mess, but that's old news. Politics? Ditto. I've been bitching about tinfoil hat Republican insanity for four years now; I think my well of outrage is running dry. Either that, or I need to start watching C-SPAN again. C-SPAN callers used to provide a fair amount of inspiration, but I seem to have kicked my C-SPAN addiction. Besides, there are a whole lot of other blogs, including ones I've got listed among my favorite time wasters, that do political analysis much, much better than I do. So what's left? Book reviews? Food porn? Maybe I need to get back to some of the stuff I thought I was going to do when I started this blog: roadside weirdness, national parks, and historic preservation.


  1. Now I'm retired -- what can I bitch about?

    A blog hasn't got to be about bitching even thou I do my share of it, forgetting that these blogs aren't going to fix the world.

    But I also post about shit I'm doing.

  2. Keith Campbell, the scientist who brought you Dolly the sheep, the world's first mammal cloned from fully developed adult cells, has died at age 58, without cloning himself, so much for that shit.

    So what is it with the SO and Facefuck? Remind him that he might do a post on his blog.

  3. I also enjoyed your trip through the prize winning books!

  4. Susan, I plan to get back to the Pulitzer Prize winners as soon as we're back in Michigan. I'm not sure why it's been so long since I did one.

    Billy,I have a hunch a real post on the S.O.'s blog is coming soon. One reason we're in Texas for a few weeks is to help our Younger Daughter move into a different rental house. Some of the weirdness he's encountered in the way the house is wired and plumbed may inspire him to do more than just stick up a cartoon or video.

  5. Did it ever occur to you folks to retire to Texas being as you seem to go there a lot?

  6. Sometimes it is hard to be inspired. Or if inspired to find the energy to do the necessary research to make a good post. Tell us about Texas. Any sane normal people in that state?


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