Sunday, April 21, 2013

Simple solutions

One of the benefits of moving back to the tundra and semi-detaching ourselves from the grid has been that we're no longer news junkies. The S.O. has figured out how to live stream MSNBC so once in awhile we'll catch a little of "Hardball" or "PoliticsNation," but we don't do that often. I've even managed to kick my C-SPAN addiction. The news we get tends to come from NPR or from reading various newspapers online. End result? Our reaction to a lot of the MSM bloviating tends to be "They've got to be kidding" or "Do people really take that shit seriously?" It's hard to get too worked up about something if you're just hearing an occasional sound bite.

If, however, you hear the same crap over and over and over. . . the mainstream media have been blathering on about the supposed threat posed by North Korea and its nuclear weapon (does anyone with a brain truly believe they have more than one?) for many weeks now. End result? When a friend who lives in West, Texas, heard the explosion from the fertilizer dealership located a couple miles away, her first thought was "well, that little asshole North Korean does have a bomb." She was caught off guard. She's a smart woman who knows that quite logically West would not be a strategic target for anyone -- it's a nice little town but skunk eggs and kolaches aren't exactly high value targets for any foreign powers or terrorists hoping to knock the U.S. to its figurative knees -- but when you hear a piece of propaganda repeated enough times you internalize it. You may not believe it on a conscious level, but it's lurking back there along with a whole lot of other internalized garbage. We've been getting told for months to that North Korea has a bomb so what's your first thought when there's a really big bang? Shit, the North Koreans actually did it.    

Of course, now that we're (or at least those of you with 24/7 cable news) are being blessed with all Boston, all the time, the next time something weird happens, you're going to look around for one of those Chechen fanatics who have been terrorizing the Russians for the past decade. Kim Il Un has become yesterday's news.


  1. I've also found links to Faux News??, but why bother. Also to CNN which is trying its damndest to be like Faux News??.

  2. There sure is plenty of news available these days, but there has always been a lot of shit happening on this rock.

  3. With all this fear mongering (I'm skeered now)I just want to assert my right to bear arms. A small thermo-nuclear device is my right by the second amendment (unless, of course, I read it wrong). I can protect my home from the gubmint of North Korea, Chechnya, or our own or even if the pesky neighbors piss me off. You will know something happened if you see a mushroom cloud on my side of the big lake.

  4. The last chechnya russia war was started in 1999 by Putin's version of the CIA. After several apartments were blown up and the Chechens blamed, someone caught the FSB red-handed planting explosives but it was covered up. They call that a false flag operation.

  5. It amuses me that mankind pretends to play wars with rules as if they're fucking gentlemen.


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