Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fear mongering pays off

A year or two ago I mentioned the two cent solution as the low budget version of euthanasia for ailing pets. Turns out it's no longer quite that cheap. Fear mongering apparently pays off. The price of ammunition has been climbing. The fantasists who believe Obama or the ATF is coming to take their guns away have made such a run on the gun stores and online sales sites that the cheap stuff is selling out. 22LR shells now cost ten times what they used to, maybe more. The S.O. is so ancient he can remember when you could get a brick of 500  .22 shells for $5 -- they were basically a penny apiece. Now, depending on where you shop, they're more like $20 for 100 shells (20 cents each), and that's considered a sales price.

Maybe we'll all get lucky and the paranoiac gun nuts will drive the prices high enough that the truly crazy people won't be able to afford to load their weaponry.


  1. Any ammo is damn hard to come by here, the shelves are pretty empty and Swain's didn't have one damn pound of black powder in stock the last three times I've been in there.

    I haven't seen any .22 shells on the shelves around here for four or five months but I have over three bricks of them so I don't care.

  2. So my question is this:

    1. Right wingers believe that the free market solves all problems and resolves all shortages.

    2. There is a problem: a shortage of bullets.

    3. So the solution is the free market, right? So why isn't the free market solving the problem? Has the magical Free Market Fairy gone on vacation?

    Of course, the righties will never ask that last pair of questions, because that would require them to question belief #1 about the magical nature of the free market...

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  3. I have no idea why the free market thing isn't keeping the shelves stocked. I'm willing to listen to any opinions.

  4. I was wondering the other day what the price of 22 shells was. Last time I bought any they were about $1 for a box of 50 CIL LRMs. Thanks for answering my question.


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