Monday, July 8, 2013

Spam or not Spam?

Blogger can't seem to decide. Seems like more comments are ending up in the Spam folder than normal lately. I don't always remember to check it, so if you comment and it doesn't get posted, don't assume I decided not to let it through moderation -- it's more likely the Spam filter ate it.

I've always kind of wondered just how those filters work. When I leave a comment on my own blogs, I get an email notification just like I would if anyone else commented -- and the notification of my comment ends up in the junk mail folder right along with the Canadian pharmacies selling cheap Viagara and the Nigerian money scams. The Intertubes work in mysterious ways. . .


  1. I think there are settings that can adjust the problem...but I don't know enough to give advice.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. That happens to me at times also, not a lot though. Using Yahoo mail I can move that email to the Inbox and once it is there can flag it as not spam so future emails don't go to the spam filter.

    As for other spam I don't get a lot at my bbc98362 mail account.

  3. I forget to check mine too. Best do that today.
    And if you get a Nigerian Scam letter from Winnie Mandela please forward it to me. I have been waiting for years for her but so far no luck.


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