Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Inquiring minds want to know

It's another one of those mornings when I'm awake much too early so have been just kind of wandering around the intertubes doing mindless linking from one site to another. This little gem from the Dallas Morning News caught my eye:

Nude woman flees after crashing car on I-30 in Fort Worth

Fort Worth police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who fled a one-car crash without a stitch on. Police say the woman slammed into a guardrail on Interstate 30 about 1:45 a.m. and jumped out of her vehicle just west of downtown. Witnesses reportedly told police she was nude when she ran off. Officers arrived shortly afterward, but after a search on the ground and by air did not find the suspect. No injuries were reported in the crash.
Naturally, I want to know more. Why was someone driving around naked in the middle of the night? How well-lighted is the freeway at that point that witnesses could tell the woman was naked? Did she remember to grab her purse? Was she wearing shoes? If so, does that still count as naked?  And where did she run to? How does a naked person just disappear while jogging away from the freeway?  

It did occur to me that no one, not even a crazy person, would flee naked from the site of a car crash here in the U.P., especially at night. Nine months out of the year he or she would know they'd drop from hypothermia pretty quickly, and during our brief summer they'd want to avoid being sucked dry by killer mosquitoes. 


  1. You can keep adding clothes when it's cold, but when it's hot you can only get so naked. Besides, it's Texas.

  2. I heard they kept her overnight for observation...


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