Monday, April 28, 2014

Is it ever going to melt?

Back at the beginning of this month, I started documenting the changes in our viewscape as Spring progressed and posting the photos to Facebook. I figured that if the rest of the world can bore people with pictures of cats and toddlers, I can do it with snow. Watching snow melt is about as exciting as watching grass grow. On April 1, this was the view from our back porch:
Below is the view yesterday. There's a definite difference, the snow level has dropped more than two feet, but I'm thinking now that it's going to be quite a while yet before the S.O. has to worry about firing up the lawn mower. He's still using snowshoes when he walks to the woodshed. 


  1. What town won the most snow contest this year - Marquette?
    And, is the big lake still frozen over?


  2. the snow has finally gone in Maine. Keep the faith: you are next.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Oh gosh, I'll stop complaining now. At least we have green grass... Let's hope for some sunshine!

  4. Sarge, not sure who will get the most snow total this year. We didn't actually have a huge amount in terms of total inches falling; it was just a colder than normal winter with no mid-winter thaws and a cool spring.

    The ice on Superior is breaking up. The last time I went into Baraga (Tuesday), the ice in Keweenaw Bay was fractured and looking like it would start moving out as soon as the wind was in the right direction.

  5. Is the motorhome ready to rock and roll yet?


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