Monday, May 26, 2014

It finally melted

Here's the proof. A month ago that old wheelbarrow in the background was still buried in snow. 

Daffodils developed by a plant breeder who was an idiot. The flowers are so heavy the stems can't support them. Two drops of dew and they topple. They looked good in the catalog, though, and do make nice cut flowers. 

A patch of bloodroot on the edge of the yard. There was so much bloodroot blooming on the hillside that for a few days it looked like it had snowed again. The hill was almost solid white.

We've been enjoying our very brief Spring, which appears to have slid straight into summer. We went from below freezing and snowing on May 15 to temps in the 80s ten days later. Which was good, because we had family visit and high temperatures meant we didn't have to worry about heat for either the guest cabin or the motorhome. We put the grandkids to work, of course. The younger ones got to stack wood; the oldest was up on the barn roof.  

Every time we do any work on that barn and I notice the construction details, I'm  amazed it's still standing. We're going to put a metal roof on it this time; the last four roofs were rolled roofing and they only lasted about 20 years. If we do metal, we'll be dead long before the roof needs work again.


  1. Metal roofing is a great choice.

  2. With the amount of snow we get up here, we should have done metal many years ago.

  3. We are still stuck in spring her in western Maine. We have had two or three days that reached into the seventies; but most days have stayed in the fifties and sixties. This morning the temp is forty and tonight the forecast is for the low thirties. Daffodils are in bloom and also our lilacs...the apple tree is beginning to fill with beautiful pink tinged flowers. So far we have had rain about three days each week 0 of course the bugs are out full force.
    We have had a metal roof on our house for fourteen years and love it.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. We are going metal on our house roof as well.

  5. We had a barn in the PNW and put a metal roof on it after a tree fell into it! It was sturdy and pretty, too.


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