Saturday, September 20, 2014

More stuff accomplished

The pattern is called Blizzard, at least according to last year's Quilt a Day calendar. It is a a fairly rare type of quilt for me to make -- it's not a scrap quilt. Thanks to the Thelma stash, I had enough yard goods in a dark blue print to make a full-size quilt It is a large quilt because every quilt I make is intended to go on a bed. My sewing is utilitarian, not artistic. I machine pieced and hand quilted, as described in a previous post.

Until I went looking for the link to that previous post, I did not realize I've been slowly hand-quilting that sucker for almost ten months. Holy crap. No wonder I'm now looking at this particular quilt and thinking I'll keep it for us instead of giving it to someone at Christmas. Ten months! Granted, it's not like it was continuous. I didn't drag it along if we went somewhere, and I didn't work on it every evening we were home, but, still, ten months. If you figure two hours each evening 5 or 6 evenings a week when we were home, that's more hours than I care to think about. I could have written The Great American Novel in that amount of time, assuming I had any talent for writing fiction, of course.

I had actually been thinking that I'd finished this one a little faster than usual for me. Time is indeed relative.

And now I have to figure out what to do next. I'm currently in the unusual position of having no quilts in progress, either denim or more traditional. Maybe I'll focus on making a Christmas wall hanging or two instead -- I do have some Christmas prints, and a wall hanging would be small enough that I could machine quilt it if I wanted to. If I'm even semi-ambitious I could actually finish one in time to give it someone this year.

Or maybe not -- we're going off to play campground hosts soon, the departure date is now less than a week away, and I'm not planning to drag a sewing machine along on this trip. Maybe I would if I had a specific project in mind, but I don't. I may knit by the campfire, but I won't be quilting in the Guppy.


  1. My quilt is pretty much wore out, you can make me one, for a single bed.


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