Monday, February 15, 2016

Time flies when you're having fun

It's now been exactly 8 years since I decided to start blogging. I am amazed I'm still at it. Most of the people whose blogs inspired me to get started vanished from the blogosphere some time ago. Oh, some of them still have active sites but their postings are rather sporadic. Some migrated to other social media -- Twitter, Faceback, Instagram -- and others left because life interfered. I'm not sure why I'm still plugging away. One of my original motivations was being stuck in a job where I wound up with way too much time to kill while collecting a paycheck. That same job also provided plenty of grist for the proverbial mill in the form of neurotic co-workers and bureaucratic insanity. Life is a lot quieter now than it was when we lived in Atlanta. So why am I still blogging? No clue -- but I guess it does beat doing housework.


  1. Keep it up. Quite a few of the personal blogs I used to read have disappeared, as you said, for one reason or another. I really enjoy your books and glimpses of UP.

  2. I blog because the book I started in 1996 still isn't finished
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Don't stop, please. I enjoy your posts.
    I will be at it 8 years in June. My youngest was my inspiration. My girls had been blogging for a while already. I went to pick her up in Kyiv and had my wallet lifted for the second time in two years. She said, Dad, you are just blog fodder. And a star was born.


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