Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What did I do before computers?

We're back at the Younger Daughter's place for our days off from campground hosting, busily indulging ourselves in watching vacuous television programs and wasting time staring at the computer. I was doing some minor grumbling about the lack of Internet access at the park when The Kid asked a question: what did I do before personal computers, specifically first thing in the morning? My routine now (assuming Internet access) is to get up, turn on the coffee, turn on the computer, and then wander around the Intertubes while working on becoming sufficiently caffeinated to tackle other stuff. So what did I do before I discovered online Sudoku?

Good question. I can't remember. That could be because until a few years ago my routine consisted of getting up, getting dressed, and stumbling out the door to work. Granted, there were a couple days a week when that didn't happen, but I have a hunch those mornings resembled every morning now: get up, hit the on switches on the coffee pot and computer, and then stare at a display screen for awhile. Sometimes I'd do more than stare -- I'd write a letter -- but in general I wasn't real ambitious. What I did and how fast I got moving on doing it depended on what it was needed doing that particular weekend. But now that every day is Saturday? No rush, no worries, lots of time to waste.


  1. In the mornings I got up, made a pot of coffee, and read for an hour or two before taking a cup of coffee to the wife to wake her up, hopefully for a morner before we went off to work.

    Evenings were spent all sorts of ways, building race cars, visiting friends, maybe some bar hopping, etc, etc.

  2. I used to brew tea and read the paper every morning. It was bliss. Now I drink tea and read the internets.

  3. Twenty-five years ago we had four kids at home. Mornings were going to work or doing house and kids stuff or going to church.

  4. I got up grabbed a cup of coffee and a few pieces of toast and headed for work. On the weekends I got up - perhaps eggs and bacon and then out the door for some project or activity.
    But I was younger.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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