Sunday, January 8, 2017

Update on the Naked Lady story

The woman whose nakedness distracted a sheriff's deputy sufficiently to allow her to steal his patrol vehicle has now admitted she was flying high, stoned out of her mind on drugs. Presumably she fabricated a story about having been assaulted to help explain her nudity, her incoherence, and her impulsive attempt to flee in the patrol truck. She's currently sitting in jail; charges are pending.

And so it goes. Another of life's little mysteries solved.


  1. it is a shame that wasn't caught on camera
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. A fellow sees a lovely naked woman running wildly by, followed by several men in white suits. Somewhat behind them is a man in a white suit carrying a bucket of sand and quite a ways behind him is another man in a white suit, too fat to keep up. The fellow stops him and asks what is going on. Apparently this woman escapes from the hospital periodically and they have to run her down and return her. Why the bucket of sand? That is his handicap; he caught her last time.


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