Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Modifying the itinerary

It's odd how quickly one can become comfortable sitting in one spot. When the S.O. and I started talking about this whole snowbird thing the word 'ambling' got tossed around. We'd go far enough south to get away from snow, and then we'd amble. Spend a week or two here, a week or two there, staying in one spot long enough to do a little exploring, check out whatever units of the National Park system happened to be nearby, visit other local attractions, and then we'd amble on down the road.

Then The Kid got promoted and transferred to southeastern Arizona. Okay, so we'd stay a little bit longer in one spot before the actual ambling began. Instead of following the original plan of kind of hopscotching around to various state and federal campgrounds with an occasional stay at private RV park that had full hookups, we'd find a private RV park that did extended stays and sit in one spot for a month or two.

Well, the month or two became three months before we even got here Once we decided we'd head south at the end of October, it was an easy decision to say, well, it would be weird to take off right after the holidays so we'll stay at Lexington Pines until the end of January. Then we got here, time flew, we got comfortable, and suddenly the ambling didn't look quite as attractive. So we tacked on February.

So here we are. February is now 25% gone. We started talking about where we'd go at the end of the month. . . . and guess what the answer turned out to be? Nowhere. You got it. The itinerary has been modified again. We're now looking at the middle of March before we depart. The original ambling home phase has gone from about ten weeks down to more like four. Which means, I guess, that instead of a week at Big Bend National Park or Canyon Lake, it'll be more like 2 or 3 days. At this point, we're still saying we'll kind of waltz across Texas before aiming North, but the waltz is starting to look more and more like a schottische.


  1. In the 80's I bought a used camp trailer, loaded my tools in my station wagon and was going to amble around the country with the seasons picking up what work I needed to keep me going along. On my last night in town I went too the VFW club and ended up going home with the drink shagger, then getting married, then buying 20 underdeveloped acres and building a little home. No regrets, life is an adventure and I got to do plenty of traveling after that went bust.

  2. You can ramble on the way home
    the Ol'Buzzard


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