Monday, March 17, 2008

Given a choice, I prefer snow

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has articles and links about the weekend's dramatic weather. None of it happened in our neighborhood. I'm told by people who live elsewhere in the country that CNN had interesting coverage of themselves trying to cope with tarps draped over computers, but I never watch CNN on the weekend so wouldn't know.

I guess that could be the ultimate in no-work journalism -- just sit at the news desk and talk about your own broken windows.


  1. Was wondering how you made out- glad to hear the drama passed you by.

  2. Glad it missed you. Having seen many tornadoes, I generally ignore them unless they are actually bearing down on me; but I would gladly brave 9 foot snows in exchange for UP summer temps! I remember a few years ago when you sent us the news article about 102F temps in L'Anse, and my initial thought: "Yeah, for maybe 15 minutes at 3 PM, but I bet it isn't still 90 degrees at 3 AM!"


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