Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Modern marvels

Just discovered what the organization in which I am embedded is doing to save the planet, stave off global warming, and prevent ecological disaster in general: they have switched to using "coreless toilet paper" in the rest rooms. According to the information sheet taped to the ladies' room mirror the switch to "coreless" TP is going to save 1.3 trees annually. Wow. I shouldn't mock the effort, but 1.3 trees? I'm not sure that's worth bragging about. Does that mean the pulp savages doing the harvesting are going to be instructed to leave extremely tall stumps because the whole tree is no longer needed? And is it 1.3 trees per stall, per rest room, per building, or for the entire office park this particular company manages?

1 comment:

  1. So that is 1.3 fewer trees that will be planted, thereby freeing up another small patch of land which can now be put to better use. Like, I don't know, maybe extending a mall parking lot just enough to park one more Prius.


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