Friday, January 8, 2010

Blizzard of 2010, part 2

This is it.  The Great Blizzard. 

I'm tempted to give myself a snow day anyway.


  1. hey we had that much a few weeks back..

  2. It's the bitter cold that's killing us in TN.

  3. Not really related to this post but the one below.

    Susan said...Wish I had that training before it snowed when I lived at the top of a hill in Washington state!

    Well Susan, I've lived in various parts ofWashington state most of my adult life so it was all second nature to me.

    Now I live in Port Angeles, Washington and generally speaking it's very mild winters here.

    We had one little fluff of snowfall so far this winter but it soon melted off and it may be all we get all winter.

    But just in case, I've made myself a snowplow.


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