Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where has all the peanut brittle gone?

You'd think that in a state famous for peanuts, it would be easy to find some peanut brittle.  Apparently not.  I wanted some to send to a friend who lives in Finland, but have been failing to find any in stores I've checked.  I'm beginning to think I'll have to resort to making it myself. 


  1. I had some of my Grandma's peanut brittle left, and then last night I offered some to my friends and they ate it all.

    My friends are jerks.

  2. babs step mother makes some great peanut brittle..its brittle but not the rip the top of your mouth brittle...need to get the recipe for it.

  3. I hit the store-of-last-resort today,the one place in DeKalb County I was sure would have some, and got told they'd been sold out for a couple days. Unbelievable. (Next month when I no longer want any, it'll be everywhere.)


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