Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy blogiversary to me

On Monday it'll be two years exactly since I started playing with this blog. I started off intending to be studiously apolitical and never, ever mention where I worked.  The focus was going to be strictly fun stuff -- national parks, mutated muffler men, weird roadside art, maybe an occasional book review.

Well, that didn't last long.  Politics in 2008 were just too interesting to ignore, and enough bizarre stuff happens at work that posts on Adventures in Bureaucracy were inevitable.  I do have a strong enough sense of self-preservation that I try to remember to refer to my employer as Large Namless Agency, at least when I'm writing about my personal experiences or impressions as one cog in a giant machine.

Over the past several years I've watched other blogs come and go.  Some have gotten better, some worse, some of the bloggers I used to read on a regular basis got burnt out, and some decided to switch to different venues.  It's like anything else -- once the new wears off, it can be hard to sustain an interest.  I've gone through the usual mental gymnastics, too, the whole "who am I writing this for?  Me? Friends and family? Or strangers who may or may not like what I've got to say?"  One of the dangers inherent in blogging is it's easy to find yourself playing to (for?) an audience you may not have wanted.  Approbation is nice, so it's tempting to start saying stuff you'll hope will garner a positive comment or two.  Or a hundred.  Everyone wants to have his or her existence acknowledged; bloggers are no exception.


  1. march will be 5 years for me...i have a longer relationship with these guys than any of my husbands..

    congratulations...well done.!

  2. You're one of my favorites. I'm glad you're around. I like your political commentary, and I enjoy the "fun stuff," too. I don't always agree with everything you say, but I like your style and your fearlessness in saying it. Kudos to you, and here's hoping you're still blogging long into the future - for whatever reason you think is enough to justify it on any given day. :)

    Happy blogiversary.

  3. I am glad you started blogging and that I found you. I think your posts are intelligent and funny and interesting.

    I stuggle with the blogging thing. I started for reasons that I can't quite remember and I am stuggling to maintain in the face of my ongoing unemployment which seems to be making me more cynical and less my usual positive self.

    Happy to have poeple like you to read each week.

  4. "some of the bloggers I used to read on a regular basis got burnt out..."

    Guilty as charged. However, lately I've been feeling the itch again, so who knows?

    Meanwhile, I still enjoy reading yours.


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