Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Party of No lives up to its reputation

Right about the same time President Obama named Elena Kagan as his choice for the Supreme Court, I changed my quote of the day to a snippet of satire from The Borowitz Report.  Borowitz suggested that the Republicans had their speeches all ready to go a week before anyone was nominated, and were simply going to regurgitate their usual unthinking objectives to anything and everything President Obama says or does.  He was, of course, dead on.  

Last night I caught several different Republicans on various news shows -- and, sure enough, once again they're in lockstep reciting talking points that would be laughable if anyone paid attention.  Unfortunately, with a few rare exceptions, instead of looking those Republicans in the eye and saying, in essence, are you fucking nuts?, the main stream media are (as usual) functioning as an echo chamber -- and within a day or two, long before confirmation hearings can begin, the perceived wisdom will be that Ms. Kagan is hopelessly inexperienced, and that, despite the fact she clerked for Thurgood Marshall, taught law at the University of Chicago, and served as dean of the Harvard law school, does not know enough about the law to work as a magistrate in night court, let alone be a Supreme Court justice.


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