Saturday, September 11, 2010

Best line in a political ad I've heard this election season

Nathan Deal . . . too corrupt even for Congress.

Mr. Deal, a  Republican, resigned from Congress about mid-way through the term in an attempt to cut off an ethics investigation into his creative use of campaign funds while using the excuse that he wanted to focus on his campaign for governor here in Georgia.  (He was partially successful; the Ethics Committee dropped the investigation, but then a federal grand jury started digging.)  He does have a good shot at winning the general election here -- his campaign ads spend a lot of time ranting about the evils of illegal immigration and you can't go wrong in Georgia by hating on the Mexicans -- but you never know.  Roy Barnes has jumped on the immigrant-bashing wagon, too, so mojados may turn out to be a nonissue.  The ads bashing Deal keep hammering away at the idea that Deal may be too busy meeting with lawyers and avoiding prison to focus on governing Georgia.  The attack ads against Barnes describe him as being even more arrogant and socialist than Obama.  Regardless of affiliation, they all have really creepy narration -- the voice-over is so unpleasant that I don't know why either candidate would think the ads will inspire listeners to do anything other than hit the Mute button fast.

Deal's support is strongest out in the hinterlands, Barnes is strong in the cities.  It's the typical Republican-Democrat split.  Barnes was governor once before, so how well he does may depend on whether or not voters, regardless of party registration, remember his administration as having done a decent job.  Not having been a resident of Georgia back then, I have no clue if he was better than Sonny Perdue -- I just figure there's no way he could have been worse.

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