Sunday, October 31, 2010

Farewell, Facebook?

I think my interest, fleeting as it was, in Facebook has worn off.  I seem to be checking it less and less, and then responding with a yawn to most of what I see.  It's been nice reconnecting with people I hadn't seen or spoken with in years, but it's occurred to me that there's a reason why we lost contact in the first place:  we were acquaintances, not friends. If they were telling me on the phone what I'm reading on Facebook, I'd be trying to think of a good excuse to hang up -- so why engage in a timesucking exercise that involves even less actual personal interaction?


  1. I've never considered Facebook. My friends can follow me on my blogs or they can go to hell.

  2. Anyone from my past can type my name in a search engine and find my blogs. But I don't give a damn if they do or not, I've changed a lot and I'm not apologizing to anyone for that.

  3. I never got the point of facebook except as a way to find people or be found. Day to day it did nothing for me. I closed my account last week.

  4. I just joined facebook, but am carefully limiting my "friends" to actual friends and family that I'd like to keep up with. Some of what gets posted is boring, but I do enjoy knowing that my nephew's team won his hockey game or my friend got a new car - things they wouldn't necessarily take the time to email or call me about, and that I wouldn't otherwise know because I live across the country from them.

    It has its place.

    But I don't understand the folks with 382 "friends." Who has time to keep up with all those posts?


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