Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to motivate voters

Threaten them with a run-off. I was feeling ambivalent about voting today -- the only guy on the ballot I feel any enthusiasm toward doesn't need my vote -- but then I heard the morning news.  The dread phrase "run off election" was used.  Georgia is a state that requires an actual majority to win; being the candidate with the most votes out of a pack of candidates won't cut it.  Apparently there is solid reason to believe that the Libertarian candidate for governor might attract enough voters to prevent either the Republican or the Democrat from gaining a clean majority. 

I am so sick of hearing Nathan Deal and Roy Barnes indulging in name calling that I'll do whatever I can to prevent being subjected to their ads after today.  It may not be the best reason for voting, but for sure it's getting me to the polls this morning.


  1. I found when I was studying up for my trip to the polls that I wished it was worthwhile to vote for some of the candidates from the Green or Peace and Freedom parties. But it feels like a wasted vote...

  2. I voted for all the women I could, being as it's all going to go to hell anyway I want stick them with the blame.

    Sure, you're a Georgia voter, and so is everyone else, hahahahha

    I'll have a bit to say about that in my post in the morning. Hey, if you had your own country could everyone vote?

    If so, that would be a big mistake.


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