Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sweet Jesus, we're moving to Mordor

We've moved. Sort of. We still have to unload the U-Haul at the storage unit, but we're definitely back in Upper Michigan. It does feel good to be back on the tundra even though there were a few moments along the way -- like when I saw that black wall of clouds on the horizon that just seemed to scream SNOW! while heading north on I-39 -- when I started wondering just what type of idiot decides to move North in November.

If we are lucky (or smart) this will be the last move we do that we actually do ourselves. When and if there's a next time, I have no intention of being the poor sap actually schlepping the boxes on to the truck. I always think of us as being rather nonmaterialistic, not the type of people to have a lot of "stuff," but it felt like it took forever to get our not-much-stuff out of a small 1-bedroom apartment. I kept thinking this was going to be an easier move than the one from Omaha to Atlanta because I'd thinned things out more (including donating a couple large pieces of furniture to Salvation Army). I was wrong. It took every bit as long to load the truck this time as it did back in 2007.

Now that we're here, of course, the S.O. and I have to figure out how to integrate our not-much-stuff into a cabin that's already fully furnished. I need to set up a home office space for my computer so we won't be pushing and shoving over whose turn it is to use the laptop, which is going to be tricky because we're both pretty thoroughly addicted to wandering around the blogosphere. And I need to go shopping for a parka -- it hit me yesterday that here we are, back in the land of winters that last 6 months, and I no longer own a jacket designed for surviving snow and subzero temperatures. It may be above freezing outside today, but that's not going to last much longer. 


  1. When my kids moved years back, it was 30 boxes of stuff and 30 boxes of books.
    Loading the truck is no fun. Only twice were we professionally moved. the other six times it was hand bombed ourselves.
    Bet it feels good to be back home again. I can hear John Denver in the background...

  2. Only had professional movers one time -- that was an interesting experience. The mover gets paid based on the weight of the load, so the packers carefully wrapped every piece of tupperware in multiple layers of paper. I think they would have packed our garbage if we hadn't been there watching them to make sure no actual trash went into the moving van.

  3. Congratulations on your return home!

  4. Welcome back to a land of seasons: winter reminds us that we are still connected to the earth and it keeps us humble.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Out buildings, country folk need out buildings for storage, and working on things in the winter. They don't need to be heated all the time but they sure come in handy.

    Even a pole barn is better than nothing.

  6. I had the same experience with the move we had packed for us - it was ridiculous the way they packed. I really don't mind the packing because I purge as I go - but like you, it is always so much more stuff than I realize.

    Hope you find a nice parka soon - those clouds look cold.


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