Monday, January 23, 2012


I've heard of people using modified lawn tractors to keep their driveways clear. This is what we use.
Eat your heart out, DaveO, we've got snow.


  1. You do got snow. And a big snowplow.

  2. Nan,
    I have been trying to pinpount your location - I thought at first east of Traverse City. But, you are in the UP? In fact Baraga County!
    I came back from UTapao Royal Thai Naval Air Station (US air base)to KI Sawyer in early (still winter 76) - seen a dead rabbit on 41 north of Escanaba - white fur!

    We went all of the way up to Copper harbor and Sahron went wading in Superior. Stopped at a place coming back - she had steak and I ate trout.

    Love the UP...


  3. Sarge, we live in Herman, highest community (in more ways than one) in the state of Michigan. Elevation is around 1700 feet so we get socked with lake effect snow every time the wind comes across Superior from Canada.

    We're lucky to live in Baraga County when it comes to winter weather -- I think our county road commission does an amazing job compared to some of the counties around us. They're also about the only one that still (for a reasonable fee) plows private driveways.

  4. Modified lawn tractors? Not so much, you just add a plow and a set of chains, and some extra weight on the back helps.

    They won't of course handle a lot of snow but we don't often get a lot of snow here.

    Actually, they will handle quite a bit of snow, slowly, you just keep chipping away at it.

    I've figured out that it's best for me to push all the snow across the street into the ditch and let the water pack it away when it warms up.

  5. I went up to King Salmon AFS, AK after Sawyer - believe it or not, better weather on that peninsula.
    We got maybe six inches of snow.
    Lots of rain and fog...



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