Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm home, albeit reluctantly

I knew when we started the trek north we'd probably be swapping this:
View from the Younger Daughter's deck, April 15, 2012. There are roses blooming in a neighbor's yard, although they're hard to see without enlarging the photo.
for this:
View from our back porch, April 19, 2012. Siberian squill is blooming under the apple trees, but it's a little hard to see when it's covered with  fresh snow. 
I would have been perfectly happy to stay in Texas until the summer heat and humidity drove us north in early May, but the US postal service has this ridiculous rule that they won't hold mail for more than 30 days -- and our 30 days were up yesterday.

Sorting through the accumulated mail had its amusing moments. The S.O. is going to hit 65 soon so is being inundated with advertising from various insurance companies all trying to sell him Medicare supplements. AARP must be mailing several a week. For a change, the junk mail from insurance companies is outpacing the junk mail from Capitol One and the junk mail from various political fundraising organizations. No new Obama bumper stickers -- maybe the campaign's computers have figured out that if I didn't send them money after the first dozen or so Obama 2012 stickers that they've given me, I'm not likely to send them money now. 


  1. Welcome back.
    Yo are getting home during the best part of the year - besides,
    wasn't April 15th the start of trout season in the UP? I caught my first trot in the Escanaba down by Quinn.


  2. It always feels good to return home.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. fecking AARP started sending me crap when I was 50...I would gather up all the junk mail and put it in their return envelope. with nasty notes telling them to take me off their list..after 3 years they finally got the hint and didn't hear from them till I hit 62..then it started up all over again..bastids.

  4. I don't get much junk mail, I guess they've given up on me.

    There's mailbox services that you can use you know, they'll collect all your mail for you for as long as you want them to, or forward it to you.


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