Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life in general

I'm sitting here this morning wondering just how many close-to-blind drivers are cruising the highways in Michigan at the moment. I finally got around to getting a Michigan driver's license yesterday, and for the first time in about 20 years my license will not have the "must wear eyeglasses or contact lenses" restriction on it. Just how does a person pass the eye exam when she's been wearing glasses for two decades? I can't argue with the fact I did read the line on the eye chart as instructed, but how on earth did that happen? It shouldn't have. 

It does, however, provide a partial explanation for some of the weirdness I see on the road. Maybe a few of those people I notice at intersections who persist in pulling out in front of oncoming traffic aren't really clueless or stupid. They actually can't see that humongous log truck thundering down the highway -- it's all just a blur to them, so what the heck, drive by memory.

This afternoon the S.O. and I will be going down to the Eagles hall to pick up our Croatian chicken dinners. I have no idea what a Croatian chicken is -- I doubt the bird spoke Croatian before ending up on a platter -- but apparently it's now a popular dish for fund-raising dinners. The Croatian chicken dinner at the Eagles is a fund-raiser for the L'Anse High School Senior Class Lock-In (that annual fantasy that allows people to delude themselves that if the kids can celebrate graduation in a safe space they won't also go out and have one helluva kegger in an undisclosed location, e.g., the beach at the mouth of the Huron); a couple weeks from now there's going to be a Croatian chicken dinner over in Baraga to support something socially worthy happening on that side of the bay.   

Rolling rust heap of a Dodge tries to earn its keep by pulling stumps.
 Yesterday the S.O. finished pulling stumps out of a corner of the yard. There had been a couple apple trees there, but a few winters ago a heavy, wet snow did so much damage we cut them down. The S.O.'s been wanting to get rid of the stumps so they wouldn't get in the way when plowing snow. 

Yes, that white stuff is snow. On April 27.
The stumps make a pretty good base for a brush pile. Now we just need to get busy and build it up more. If the weather cooperates (things have been rather dry lately, so we need rain to green things up), we might be able to have a decent bonfire for Vappu


  1. the last time I took the eye test I looked thru the glass and said I don't see anything..period..I swear it was blank..but I do need to wear the glasses, but I'm not that blind.

  2. It's not just Michigan - we have the blind drivers here too.

  3. You need to deal with the illegals without a license in Indianapolis.

    Evansville is easy vs INDY...

    Glad, I moved...


  4. I can drive just fine without glasses, I only need them for reading, it's the other monkeys out there I worry about.

    I find it amusing that you call him the S.O. and he calls you the old lady. :-)

    Couldn't tell in the picture if he used a chain or strap to pull the stumps but a strap is sure better on the equipment and provides better pulling power when you get to the end of its stretch.

  5. It is crazy everywhere. In Maine when we spy a Massachusetts license plate we pull off the road and wait for it to pass.
    Have you ever driven through Massachusetts?
    the Ol'Buzzard

  6. Ol' Buzzard, I have not only driven in Massachusetts, I've driven in Boston.

  7. Could be a bumper sticker being as I have also, with an 18 wheeler.



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