Sunday, November 4, 2012

Joys of Insomnia

I am a notoriously early riser, but 2 a.m. is a little ridiculous. Have no clue why, but here I am -- wide awake and apparently incapable of going back to sleep for awhile. No doubt I'll feel ready to crawl back into bed right about the time the sun comes up.

If I were smart, I'd take advantage of being up to do some work. There are two projects taking up space on the desk with mid-November deadlines, and so far I seem to be doing a fine job of ignoring both. One is a grant application I volunteered to write for a local nonprofit. The instructions that came with the form were perhaps the vaguest I've ever seen for a funding opportunity. Maybe the best time to write an equally vague application would be when I've only had a couple hours sleep and am operating in a mental fog.

But will I do anything that productive? Probably not. Instead I'll just wander the Intertubes, reading celebrity gossip and solving online jigsaw puzzles.


  1. from the blogs it seems a number of us are having this problem. Lately I have been waking up during the night and the choice seems to be lie in bed awake with the monkey mind running wild or get up and read. I am fortunate, being retired, I can go back to bed at dawn - of course about seven a.m. the cat will demand both my wife and I get up. After we get up she goes back into the bedroom and naps for the morning.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. I'm the opposite, I stay up as late as I need to, usually around 3 or 4, and then finally go to bed.

  3. Depends on how active I've been, was pretty active Saturday so hit the sack early, of course that got me up going on to 3 AM. Opps, change clock, 2 AM.

    Maybe I should go get some movies to watch instead of being a blog whore.

  4. The useful things I can think of doing in the middle of the night are always too noisey. I agree, though, that firing up the tired brain cells is not so easy at 3 am.


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