Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting close to having turd breath

Given the penchant of the right wing to indulge in blacktracking, i.e., if President Obama is for something, they're automatically against it, it's not surprising that memes like this one are floating around the Intertubes. Another slightly ruder one is that if President Obama told people not to eat dog shit, all the Republicans would have turd breath in short order. Pshaw, you say, these memes are pure hyperbole. Not even hard core Tea Baggers are stupid enough to engage in insane behavior just because they can't stand President Obama.

Well, if you thought that, you'd be wrong. Over at the Daily Kos, FisherofRolando had a piece on the best Red State Comment of the Day. There was a gem about Sarah Palin's intelligence, but the best one came perilously close to advocating eating yellow snow:
Kentucky can go to hell in a handbasket. The people there are flocking to the ACA. We should bring to this fight the discipline of the union workers who hold firm on their strikes and suffer on principle. There can be no worse patriotic move right now than to sign up for Obamacare just to save a few hundred bucks a month. It will end up costing America much more than that. 
Yep. You read that right. If you decide you want to purchase health insurance through the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act, you're being unpatriotic. How dare you decide your health matters! Stay away from health insurance because it's more important to demonstrate how much you hate Obama than it is to take care of your own health. And, here, while you're avoiding signing up for health insurance, enjoy your entree of canine feces (fresh off the sidewalk) followed by a refreshing yellow snow sorbet.


  1. The point was There can be no worse patriotic move right now than to sign up for Obamacare just to save a few hundred bucks a month.
    Now saving money is "unpatriotic"??

  2. I was also reminded of the right wing trying to keep people from buying Teslas in North Carolina and Texas. The Republicans are always blathering on about the wonders of capitalism and the free market, but it when it seems to be working to benefit alternative energy and/or environmentalism, suddenly they're as rigid as any Soviet bureaucrat. They don't care how self-destructive their behavior might be as long as it conforms with their preferred ideology -- which we actually just saw writ large with the government shutdown. It didn't gain them a thing except the satisfaction of having a public tantrum.

  3. Oregon then must be full of sedition. In the first 2 weeks 10% of the states uninsured have chosen and signed up for a policy.
    Here in Klansas they stripped the churches and some charity groups of a few hundred thousand used to explain and assist the poor and infirm in signing up for medicare and medicade. A couple years back they took those funds away from evil communist bureaucrats and gave it to the churchs claiming this should be handled by Christians not Stalinist. Now even the church is unfit, "we shouldn't be helping Klansans get on the dole " was the statement. This money was packed up and sent back to DC.
    The radical rich hate the poor, the infirm, they even hate vets that come back needing help, and yes they hate nearly every minority you can think of.

  4. Nan,
    The Commonwealth of Kentucky -aka UKland has 160,000 uninsured and the least healthist population in the United States - the state run exchange is running flawlessly and more and more people are climbing onboard every day.
    NcConnell is facing a bagger in the primary now backed by DeMint and Heritage and then being challenged in the general election by Alison Grimes (Ky Sec of State)who is his first credible opponent in decades.

    Bye Mitch!

  5. I typed a comment but Google ate it.

    The Tea party has no real cause - they just want to be angry and be seen. They will buy any conspiracy theory for the chance to seem outraged. Because of their ignorance the Republican party thought they could direct their ire toward Democrats. Instead they created a monster.

    I am always disappointed to see Vets in their war suits looking for five minutes of fame.

    'I was in the military and I am pissed off' does not mean 'I was in the military and I am bright." It means simply:'Look at me."

    the Ol'Buzzard USN Ret.

  6. After a lifetime of trying to destroy myself with smoking, drinking, chasing horny women and many other foolish acts I don't think I'm going to get too worked up about this.

    In the end we are all fucking dead anyway, it's the adventures getting to the death that count. :-)

  7. Obamacare isn't about us old fucks, let the youth deal with it.

  8. Instead of trying to fix a world you can't fix go fishing, or fuck Ray. :-)

  9. I'm wondering about something Nan. Back when the SS program came out was the republicans against it?

  10. Yes, the Republicans opposed Social Security when it was first proposed in the 1930s. They were against Medicare in the 1960s, too. The only thing they've supported was Medicare Part D and that's because it was a massive gift to the pharmaceutical companies -- the government now pays for prescription drugs but the Medicare program isn't authorized to negotiate for the best prices.


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