Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My kid really knows me

The UPS truck just delivered a package from the Younger Daughter. It appears she drew my name in the family Xmas gift exchange. I guess there's an actual wrapped present in the box, but she could have stopped with these and I would have been happy.*
A Case calendar and Peeps. Life is good.

Update: Turned out the box was meant for both me and the S.O. -- the wasabi-flavored peanuts hidden a little deeper were a clue. I was blinded by the Peeps. Which now has me wondering. . . just who does have my name and what kind of strange sweater can I expect if it turns out to be one of my sisters?

[*And I know my kid. Right after she read that sentence she started figuratively dope slapping herself and wondering why she didn't just gift wrap the Peeps and call it good.] 

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