Friday, February 21, 2014

Where have all the Girl Scouts gone?

I'd actually like to get some cookies, but the Girl Scouts seem to be an endangered species around here. I haven't encountered a kid peddling Thin Mints since we moved back to the U.P.


  1. You need to check outside your local pot dispensary or dealer (if there is no legal medical pot in your state). The Girl Scouts are swarming there. One local girl set up outside a dispensary with a six foot folding table that was three feet high with cookies. 45 minutes later, she was out of cookies :).

    - BT

  2. Medical marijuana is legal in Michigan but the law is odd. People can possess small amounts of pot if they have a medical certificate but I don't think there's a legal way to buy the stuff. We don't have dispensaries; what we have are a lot of hydroponics shops selling indoor gardening supplies.

  3. As I recall you have posted that picture before. Here the girls set up their tables at stores.

    We have a pot dispensary here but it is really quite there, not sure what it will be like when we get actual pot shops in a few months.

    Some folks here will keep their certificates cuz if you have one you can grow your own pot.

  4. The picture's a classic. I should just schedule it to post automatically every cookie season.

  5. Nan!
    If nothing else go to the Girl Scout web page and order them.
    I bought eight boxes! The new cranberry crisps are awesome. I did the thin ments and the peanut
    Tables are outside WalMarts - well the weather might be a factor up there...


  6. Sarge, the local Walmart chased the Girl Scouts away about ten years ago. They don't let any local nonprofits set up at the store anymore. There is a reason I refer to them as the Evil Empire.

  7. The Walmart here isn't like that, they let all sorts of groups set up in front of the store, even the Salvation bell ringers.

    And they are great with returns, refunded me for a tablet I got there and decided I didn't like. Most places won't let you return electronics.

  8. google girl scouts for your area..

  9. Do they sell the old oreo-type and white cookies anymore? We used to buy a case from our neighbour girl when the kids were young. it was what was for supper that night.


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