Friday, June 26, 2015

That weird popping sound

I was at the museum yesterday doing the volunteer docent thing and found myself wondering what that weird popping sound I could hear in the distance might be. Then I had a chance to listen to the radio: the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to preserve the Affordable Care Act.

"Well," thought I, "that explains it. Tea Party heads are exploding."

I've heard and read a few comments indicating that the commenter was surprised by the 6-3 decision. I wasn't. Chief Justice Roberts is a pragmatist more than he is an ideologue. He's also a corporatist. He wasn't going to do anything that would hurt the insurance industry or big business in general, and, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, the ACA has been good for both.


  1. they are giving them CPR right now for the marriage act passing.

  2. All the homophobes are threatening to move to Canada. Hahahahahahaha


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