Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What is wrong with people?

September isn't even over yet but the ridiculous memes about "Don't say Happy Holidays!" or "I will say Merry Christmas!" have begun to flood Facebook. What the fuck is wrong with some people? Just how unbelievably tone deaf do people have to be to not realize that all they're accomplishing is pissing people off and sucking the joy right out of the holiday season? Do they seriously believe that somehow "Christmas" is under attack?

Please, idiot acquaintances who fall prey to the temptation to share those annoying memes or to lecture the rest of us on the need to "keep Christ in Christmas," if Christmas is somehow in danger of being neglected explain to me why Walmart already has Christmas merchandise on display? I noticed that last time I visited the Evil Empire there was a humongous display of Xmas crap  sitting right next to the Halloween candy. The only war on Christmas being waged is the one you over-sensitive paranoid Bible-thumpers are fighting in your own heads.

For what it's worth, every time I see or hear someone getting worked up over the phrase "Merry Christmas," I tend to think, holy wah, they really don't know their Bible, do they? They may thump the Good Book a lot, but apparently quite a few of the nominal Christians never bother reading it. 


  1. those' Christians' are a bane on true Christians...which you never hear from any more...

  2. I ignore it all the best I can.

  3. We went in WalMart last week, and you are right - Christmas trees and Christmas decorations - and it was still September.
    I love the Christmas season: and I don't believe in Gods. We decorate and celebrate with a Solstice tree - the name doesn't matter - it is a great time of year to bring color and lights into the house. We leave our tree up through the dark months of January and February

    Christians just like someone to bitch about: Methodist don't like Baptiste who don't like Pentecostals who don't like Catholics who don't like those of us that don't believe in gods and angles and demons... and big foot... well maybe big foot: Naaaaa.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. The Bible is just like the contract on software. People scroll to the bottom, click "I agree" and carry on.


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