Monday, September 28, 2015

Explain to me again how the Obama presidency has ruined the country

Back in 2008, the final year of the George W. Bush administration, the S.O. and I did a road trip. We traveled from, if memory serves me correctly, from Atlanta, Georgia, to Hemphill, Texas, where we picked up Charlie the Snowbird Dog, and then north to the Upper Peninsula. Gasoline prices were, by contemporary standards, horrific. They hovered right around $4 per gallon, with a Petro station in Rochelle, Illinois, topping the charts at something like $4.39 a gallon. I could be wrong about the reasons for the trip or the direction we were traveling, but for sure it was Rochelle, Illinois, in 2008.

Well, we stopped in Rochelle on Saturday. We had our initiation into boondocking in a Walmart parking lot there -- something I may elaborate on in a different post -- and then Sunday morning refueled the Guppy and continued southward. Gasoline was $2.32 per gallon. It's been over 7 years since we paid that $4.39, and we have never seen gas prices as high at that $4.39 again. In fact, for a while gas was going for less than $2 per gallon -- I have vague memories of paying something like $1.59 here in Missouri in March (and we noticed it's under $2 at some local stations now). The most we paid on the trip down here, the 745 miles from our place to the Younger Daughter's, was $2.44 in central Wisconsin. And, given that the Guppy guzzles gasoline as fast as the proverbial wino sucking down Ripple we had lots of opportunity to compare prices along the way. Most expensive gas was in Wisconsin, least expensive here in Missouri.

Which brings me back to my original question, more or less. If Obama's been so bad for the country, why are we able to refuel the Guppy so cheaply? 

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