Sunday, May 1, 2016

Have we considered a bluegill instead?

The Younger Daughter, the S.O., and I were chatting about the Guppy yesterday. She had forgotten why we call it the Guppy -- it goes back to the S.O.'s brother arriving in the U.P. one summer driving a humongous Class A motorhome, a monstrously large RV that we instantly dubbed the Leviathan. Fast forward a decade or so and our purchase of a Class C camper. It's pretty obviously not a Leviathan, doesn't come close. So it's a Guppy.

Since then we've had to acknowledge that in the ocean of motorhomes, the Guppy really isn't a guppy. Maybe conversion vans are. We qualify more in the pan fish category. Like a bluegill. Or a crappie. So the kid urged us to consider a rechristening. She figures the upside of changing the designation is that it's probably a lot easier to find a peel-and-stick bluegill decal than it is to find a guppy. The downside? Someone mistaking the bluegill for a crappie -- and I don't think the Guppy deserves that type of of mistaken identification, at least not yet.


  1. Actually, it is a BOW, Bedroom On Wheels.

  2. A bluegill is pretty. People that don't know bluegills probably don't know crappies.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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