Sunday, July 31, 2016

Okay. Who's been stuffing the ballot box?

The election is several months away, but we've already been experiencing shenanigans at the museum. We have a temporary exhibit this summer, Politics and Voting, and just for the heck of it we decided to put some milk bottles on a table labeled with the four best known candidates' names: Clinton, Trump, Johnson (Libertarian), and Stein (Green Party). The sign tells people to "vote" with their spare change -- in other words, make a tiny donation to the museum.

Knowing that people aren't inclined to toss coins into a totally empty bottle, I salted all four. Each milk jug had $1.50 in assorted coins in it when we opened for the season. I noticed that the level seemed to be climbing fastest in Trump's bottle (something I consider an ominous sign, but that's not the subject of this post). I decided to check to see just what was happening.

As I feared, Trump's bottle had the most coins in it. Both Johnson and Stein had received a few votes, too. But Clinton? This is where shenanigans come in. Not only has no one voted for her, someone's been stealing the "ballots" that were there. She started off with $1.50. As of this afternoon, there's only $1. Not only is she not gaining any votes, she's going backwards.


  1. Fair is fair. DNC stole so many votes from Bernie in the primaries. Besides, all the Republican states with voting machines will vote 103% for Trump.

    I love your contest. We did something similar at the lids school years ago. It was a small school so all the teachers and all the exec of the parents association put up their names. The "winner" in each group had to kiss an old billy goat that would come to a special assembly at the beginning of the month.

    Except my friend with the farm and the old billy pulled a fast one. She brought a three month old kid and EVERYBODY wanted to kiss it.

  2. I bet some Trump Troll dumped Hillary's bottle into their man's bottle.

  3. Has Julian Assange been in your museum lately?


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