Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wondering about one's ancestry

We get a lot of requests at the museum for genealogy research. Every so often I'll end up talking with someone who's gone one step farther than just building family trees and spent money on DNA testing. One of my acquaintances, a sort of cousin, did that and ever since has bored the rest of us with her wondering out loud how she happened to end up with a high percentage of Azkhenazi Jewish genes when she thought the family tree was packed solid with Finnish Lutherans. I don't get the point of obsessing about it, unless she's planning to try to persuade the country of Israel that she's entitled to the right of return, but then I don't understand the simpler obsession with ancestry either. In any case, I figure that if I ever were foolish enough to spend money on DNA testing, this is the type of result I'd get.

Except mine would come back with a significant percentage of border collie instead of beagle.


  1. I could care less about my so called roots.

  2. I'd trace my ancestors back to Y Chromosome Adam and Mitochondrial Eve if I could. The movement of peoples around the earth has fascinated me for a long time. I am simply curious about how I came to be who and where I am. My suspicions are that it would look somewhat like yours, though. Certainly no Collie or German Shepherd and heavy on Black Lab


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