Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So which is she?

Super villain whose reach extends across time or frail old lady worried that her stash of Depends is about to run out?

I speak, of course, of Hillary Clinton and alt-right cognitive dissonance. The same people who will go on at great length about all the (nonexistent) signs that Hillary is failing physically seem to think she's capable of engaging in time travel to have people whacked. Julian Assange's lawyer dies in an accident the coroner rules a suicide and suddenly it's something Hillary did. Their reasoning? This summer Assange has been hinting that Wikileaks has dirt on Hillary, that he's going to do a data dump that will destroy her campaign. After all, there were all those leaked Democratic National Committee emails released just before the July convention that showed that the party insiders weren't too thrilled with the Bernie Sanders campaign. Supposedly Assange has even more troublesome material stashed and is just waiting for the right time to use it. And that's why the lawyer got whacked, as a warning to Assange.

Only one problem with that latest conspiracy theory. The lawyer stepped in front of a train back in April.

I repeat, April. Almost three full months before the Democratic national convention. Four full months before the lunatic theory about Hillary having him whacked as a warning to Assange showed up in my Facebook feed. The lunatic conspiracy theory meme makes it pretty clear that whoever began circulating it thinks the lawyer died because of the threatened still-to-come data dump. The stupid, it burns.

On the other hand, massive props to Hillary. The alt-right hates Obama and are notable for blaming him for everything, but even at their most fervent they've never seriously suggested he was capable of time travel. Way to go, Hill,you've achieved another first for women everywhere.


  1. And now it is pay for play with the Clinton Foundation...
    If she is elected this will go on for her full term. I don't doubt the first thing the Republican Congress will do will be to form impeachment committees to investigate whatever the new conspiracy theory will be.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. Ol'Buzzard, do you seriously believe that the Prince of Bahrain had to make a donation to the Clinton Foundation to gain access to the Secretary of State? Or that no one in the federal government would return Bono's phone calls? The people making the large donations already had the access. There was no "pay for play." Can anyone name an advantage any of the donors gained? I haven't heard any yet -- just a lot of bloviating about how horrible it was that people made donations to a foundation with the Clinton name on it.

  3. The same people who say that Barack Obama is a weak-kneed lily-livered apologizer AND an iron-fisted dictator!
    That Mexican immigrants are coming here to get fat on welfare AND they're stealing our jobs!
    The cognitive dissonance never seems to bother them.

  4. You think the constant Republican tantrum is bad now wait until they lose the election. They will come apart at the seams.


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