Monday, June 19, 2017

Speaking of vegetation

H/T to Ol' Buzzard for inspiring me to take a look through the files.

Some of the stuff I see blooming around here each summer, although not necessarily simultaneously.
Blooming now, one of my favorite Michigan natives: blue-eyed grass. I am inordinately fond of these tiny flowers.
Basically done for this year, an invasive, dandelions.
Just finished blooming, choke cherry blossoms.
 Blooming now, trilliums. This clump started off with just one plant a couple years ago and has at least half a dozen now. This is not the clump I plan to dig up and move -- that's in a different location on the ranch.
Starting to bloom, blackberry blossoms.
Another Michigan native, buttercups.
An invasive, Queen Ann's Lace, aka wild carrot, aka chigger weed.
Two more invasives, both of which are starting to bloom now: daisies and hawkweed (aka devil's paintbrush). I was amazed to learn that the exact date hawkweed got introduced into this country is recorded. It was brought into this country in the 18th century for someone's garden in New England. Hard to believe now that anyone ever thought that a weed that ubiquitous was an appropriate choice for a flower garden.
One we're not going to see until late summer, early fall: Joe Pye weed.
More fall flowers, asters.
Goldenrod and asters in late summer.
Black eyed susans. The guide book said they're temperamental about being transplanted, but the ones I moved to the museum's native plants garden seem to have survived the winter.
Heliopsis. It'll bloom in August. Still looking for a good clump to dig up and split. I don't want to mess with the ones I've got by the Woman Cave.


  1. This is wonderful. Lovely pictures and also inspirational for me to do the same sort of thing. Hard to know what flowers are native here other than poppy as so much near by has been cultivated and abandoned. Same with roadside flowers

  2. I live in Los Angeles and enjoy your writing very much. I have a couple new blacksberries growing in my front garden, with new little blossoms and berries!

  3. Great pics. I have a jack-in-the-pulpit that comes up every year against my foundation wall at the back of my house.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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