Sunday, January 12, 2020

Speaking of Finnish music

Okay, so no one was actually speaking of Finnish music, but Ol' Buzzard stumbled across a Finnish bluegrass band so I'm reciprocating with my personal favorite. Nightwish. Symphonic metal at its finest. My  younger Finnish friends think it's a little weird for a little old lady to be into Nightwish, but, hey, I liked Black Sabbath back in the day and they weren't nearly as good as these guys. 
A couple things are true about Finland. One is that you can find any genre of music being cranked out by various groups, everything from traditional folk to symphonic metal. Lots and lots of bands, musicians, and singers for a rather small country. The other truism is that whatever the genre the music will be played well. Music is an integral part of the school curriculum so odds are you'll never hear a Finn hit a sour note.

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  1. They aren't Finnish, but here's a pretty darn good Swedish bluegrass group:


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