Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trying again

I am trying again with the upside down tomato. The past two summers my efforts fizzled (sizzled?) in the Georgia heat. This year I'm hoping the plant lives at least long enough to produce a blossom or two.

I'm not sure what's going to happen with the rest of the garden, the stuff that was actually planted in a traditional fashion and is being allowed to have its roots go down and its stalks go up without any manipulation. We had so many weeks of unseasonably hot and dry weather that the cool weather crops that were planted in May are bolting straight to seed, and the stuff that went into the ground more recently has been slow to sprout, despite irrigation. We finally got some real rain, so at this point it does look like -- if nothing else -- we will have those old reliables, green beans and potatoes.

This year's variety in the upside down planter is something called "Celebrity." It's a tomato I'd never heard of before, although it did get good reviews on the Burpee's web site. (That's not where I bought it; my plants came from Pamida.)

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  1. I suck at growing things other than my aloe vera but did buy a planter about a month ago with two tomato plants in it.

    And the damn things are still alive, there may be hope for me yet. One tomato on it is about the size of a good sized plum.

    I put it on a roof of a building to get late and early sun, about a week ago I caged it in with four windows.

    I'm a tomato idiot so didn't pay much attention to what I was buying but they are Roma Roma Titty Titty, or something like that.

    They are cheap in the stores but Terry said he really likes them.


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