Saturday, July 6, 2013

Can our government get any dumber?

I'm thinking the answer is probably Yes.Every time I think the policy makers and their minions in Washington, D.C., have managed to hit rock bottom, they manage to do something even more moronic. I speak, of course, of the latest example, the handling of the Edward Snowden case. On what planet did the bright minds in D.C. think it would be a good idea to harass the President of Bolivia?

Even if Snowden had been on board the aircraft, you don't force the head of state of a sovereign nation into making an emergency landing and then, to insult the Bolivians even more, have the Spanish ambassador to Austria search the plane to make sure Snowden is not on board. This whole mess must be playing real well in the global press. Even countries that aren't real fond of Bolivia or its current president have to be wondering if they'd merit the same treatment. In short, it was practically guaranteed that right after that news came out, there'd be at least one South American country rolling out the Welcome mat for Snowden. It's actually not much of a surprise that it's Venezuela; they've got nothing to lose when it comes to the U.S. Our government has been making theirs sound like Evil Incarnate ever since the citizens of Venezuela elected an overtly socialist government.

Then when you toss in the fact that creating an international diplomatic incident that's going to have fallout for years to come also has the effect of making Snowden seem a lot more important than President Obama had been implying he was -- remember Obama's speech a few days ago in which he laughed at the idea of using any extraordinary means of getting at Snowden? He was trying to suggest Snowden isn't at all important, someone really not worth worrying about. Well, if Snowden is no big deal, why go through the trouble of pissing off a whole bunch of Latin American countries? Maybe there's more to Snowden (whom I've viewed as basically a fantasist with delusions of importance) than meets the eye.


  1. Nan,
    I say bide our time - If Seal Team Six can off Bin-Laden; then Edward Snowden is small potatoes. So Bolivia, Equador, or Venezuela gives him asylum.
    I assure you; fucking the Gringo will come at a high price...


  2. But if he's so unimportant, why cause a major international diplomatic incident over him? Everyone was giving Snowden the cold shoulder until the idiots in DC decided to disrespect the President of Bolivia. Another week or two in the Moscow airport and he'd have been begging to come back to the U.S. Now the Welcome Mat is out in three Latin American countries with no doubt more to follow. Just how many of our "allies" do we want to piss off just to get our hands on a guy who didn't tell the world anything that it didn't already know? The government is monitoring us? No shit. What's Snowden's next big revelation going to be? Grass is green? Water is wet?

  3. It is my humble opinion that our government has been getting dumber every year of my seventy years, and will continue to do so.

    Snowden isn't important and if I was him I'd consider marrying that cute Russian chick.

  4. The internut is constantly changing and what ever Snowden has and shares will soon be ill relevant anyway.

    Mean while, he's just entertainment.

  5. I'm pretty sure the government getting dumber is a whirlpool spiralling into a black hole. There is just no end to it.

    I really think Snowden did the right thing in whistleblowing all of this, and I'm frustrated that all those folks who like to spew about Big Brother and black helicopters watching their every move are just oblivious to what the actual reality is. I mean, they love their little fantasies, but when reality comes around they're sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling, "La, la, la, la!"

    America deserves to have other countries pissed off at us, both for the surveillance and for the political bullying some places have received about harboring Snowden.

  6. I am just so fed up with this administration and their bumbling/contradictory ways.

  7. Your government is slowly coming out of the closet and showing its true nature. The unelected Executive run America and have for many years. NSA etc is not about terrorists or drug cartels. It is about controlling the American people and the rest of the world along with it. Snowden is toast unless he stays in Russia and even then, I wouldn't bet on him living long.
    The media made him into the attention seeker because they focus on him not his revelations as no one cares about them. "We, the Sheeple" seem to be content to being boiled to death slowly.
    Snowdon has the good stuff buried somewhere so that when they off him, the feces will really hit the fan.


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